We specialize in all-wool, nomadic textiles from Turkey, Persia, and Afghanistan. Baluchi prayer rugs, Qashgai saddle, salt, and camel bags; Senna kilims as well as Uzbek soumaks, Kurdish gallery runners and weavings by other tribes from different areas. The emphasis is on handspun wool yarn that is naturally dyed by roots, minerals, and plants. 

The majority of these textiles were intended for use by the weaver, and not to be found under the bazaar canopy. War, famine, draught, and poverty found ways to separate the weavers from the weavings. As a way of life, the nomadic lifestyle, pastoral and cyclical, is disappearing as governments define national borders and limit migratory movements. What pieces that are now semi-antique will soon be antiques, if not measured in time, then by availability. Looking at Causac rugs and their market will explain what I mean. 

The pieces exhibited speak for themselves. They are beautiful works priced reasonably. Our philosophy is to provide a service of selecting exquisite woven treasures to offer to others who will enjoy them in their homes or place of business. Each kilim, rug and weaving is distinctly unique, created with the expression of the weaver's personality, style and tribal vision - both historical and ritual.